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Sjal serum liquid vitamin lift is a product that consists of rare organic plant oils and it’s infused with gems and precious metals. This serum is designed to hydrate, oxygenate, volumize, lift and tone the skin at both the cellular and topical levels. The fast acting and long-term peptides provide a structural lift, while instantly hydrating dry and damaged skin. The serum’s silky texture glides on smooth, making application a breeze.

Sjal Serium Liquid Vitamin Lift Review: Gems and Precious Metals

The Sjal serium contains fifty active ingredients, in addition to energy infused amethyst, green and blue copper, platinum, nano gold and germanium. These gems and precious metals work to support cell and tissue regeneration.

This skin treatment will reduce the appearance of wrinkles while providing a structural lift. This means that your skin will feel and look firmer and fuller, thanks to this collagen promoting formula. Our faces tend to sag as we age, with the skin losing elasticity. The green and blue copper work to increase elasticity while also improving skin tone. The active ingredients in this formula work to fill in the fine lines on your face while also hydrating it.

The B vitamins and potassium will help boost the oxygenation process and metabolic performance. This serum also contains anti-inflammatory properties, working to reduce puffiness. These active ingredients include pomegranate, grapefruit seed extract and zinc.

This formula aborbs into the skin quickly and can penetrate deeper than body lotion. The effects you’ll experience from using this skin treatment can be seen immediately and unlike other fast acting products, this treatment is very gentle on the skin.

How to Use this Liquid Vitamin Lift

Simply pat it onto the face evenly and your skin will begin to feel softer and smoother right away. After the first application should feel hydrated, without feeling oily. You can use this serum one to two times daily, depending on the condition of your skin. Use only one pump per application and apply the product evenly on your face and neck.

How Consumers Rated this Product by Sajal

Consumers gave this product a four out of five star rating for scent, effectiveness and the non-oily formula. Some consumers stated that applying it during the day isn’t recommended if you wear makeup. This can leave your foundation looking uneven or caked on. This treatment is best used once daily, applied right before bed. This will allow the serum to soak in your skin thoroughly, without the interference of other products. Consumers stated this product would have received a higher rating if it was more makeup friendly. Currently, this serum by Sajal is priced at $255, making it one of the more affordable products we reviewed.

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