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The La Prairie cellular radiance concentrate pure gold serum contains 24 karat gold particles and peptides. Both the peptides and gold particles are designed to prevent collagen breakdown, working to improve skin firmness and elasticity.

La Prairie Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold Review: Product Overview

This type of gold therapy has been used for hundreds of years and has also been used to treat arthritis, due to its anti-inflammatory properties and it’s also been used in experimental anti-cancer therapies.

In skincare products gold can prevent collagen breakdown, while also minimizing inflammation. This product contains gycolic and lactic acid, ginseng extract, horsetail extract and it’s packed with vitamin C. The serum is designed to exfoliate the skin, while unclogging pores and providing much needed hydration.

This product is silicone based, so it works by filling in wrinkles and surface lines temporarily. The gold will catch the light and give the skin a smoother appearance. The gold in this product is classified as pure. The gold needs to be pure in a skincare product, otherwise it can cause a skin reaction.

This product is super concentrated so you’ll only need to use one drop in the morning and one drop at night. One drop can cover the entire face and the products absorption ability is impressive. Apply the serum using your fingertips. Using a cotton ball for application can soak up most of the product. Apply after washing your face and leave on.

After use, skin will have a firmer, plumper appearance, with a glow that’s due to the gold content and the serum’s exfoliating properties.

If your skin appears, red, irritated or inflamed, cease use, or reduce treatment to once daily until you speak with your dermatologist. This product may initially cause irritation due to the glycolic acid and lactic acid content.

What Consumers Loved about this Product by La Prairie

Even with the impressive effects this product has on the skin, most consumers are hesitant to give it a second look, due to the hefty price tag. However, it’s worth the cost once you take into consideration the minimal amount of the product that’s used per application. Consumers loved the fast acting results experienced immediately after application, not to mention the simple luxuriousness of using a product that contains pure gold. This product can have you coming back for more, just keep in mind that you’ll only need to apply one drop per treatment.

How La Prairie Pure Gold Rated with Consumers

Consumers gave this product a four out of five start rating for effectiveness, fast acting results and cost. Most consumers stated that this product would have received a perfect score, if the price was lower. Currently, this product is priced at $398.80.  If you’re willing to spend the cash on this temporary, yet quick fix, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what it does for your complexion.

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